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Help the Environment; so Simple and FREE

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Sustainability has two sides. One is the very familiar reduce, reuse, recycle aspect. The other is more on the front end; planting trees and clean water management. The Eagles Rest team love working in the reduce, reuse, recycle aspect of business; but always look to support the other aspect of sustainability. Well, we've found a fantastic opportunity to do so...!
The internet is a substantial part of our days, both in work and entertainment.  The very clever group of people at Ecosia have harnessed that reality to actively help all of us be earth friendly and sustainable. Ecosia is a new search engine which plants trees around the world as people do searches on the internet; it's brilliant!! They use the advertising money to pay for their sustainable practices.

As I search for various things on the Ecosia browser, it shows me how many trees are being planted from my effort (in combination with others using the browser). They are very transparent on their funds, practices and tree plantings so we can see clearly how and where we are contributing.

The planted trees bring beautiful clean oxygen into our air we breathe, help water management and erosion prevention, as well as unite communities and even create new economies in certain areas!

So, as much as Eagles Rest focuses on reduce, reuse, recycle; we now have another wonderful way to practice sustainability. Jump on line and check out!

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