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The "buzz" about our NZ Seed Bombs

Posted by Eagles Rest on

It’s been an exciting time with the NZ Seed Bombs!  From the Far North to Invercargill, people ages 3-90 have been enjoying their “random acts of gardening.”  However, a few questions have come up, which I’d like to address here.

Although the seed bombs can be placed and strategically planted, their intent is random; throw them somewhere and wait to see when the flowers come up! The varieties of seeds have different germination times (flowering in 6-8 weeks) and seeds will only germinate when conditions are right for them. So yes you can throw them at any time of the year!  They’ll stay dormant until they’re ready to sprout a beautiful habitat!  Also, keep in mind, as a habitat, the seed bombs will cover a small space initially, but year after year it will grow larger and larger. 

For those of us not so patient, there is another way to enjoy the seed bombs, which isn’t as random and much more controlled & efficient.  First, dissolve the seed bombs by soaking them in water.  When they have dissolved and broken apart, give a gentle stir/swirl.  You can then scatter or pour them in your desired location.  Make sure they get regular watering and plenty of sun and they will germinate and flower!

A final thought…. Have fun with them!  They are so useful in building all-round habitats for bees, butterflies or ladybugs. 

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