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Circular Economy

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At its core, Eagles Rest is about repurposing and sustainability. However, what we do within this ethos is cutting edge and growing in momentum the world over; it's being called circular economy.

In it's simplest explanation, in a circular economy there is a realisation that there will never be zero waste and we can't recycle our way out of waste. So it looks at ways to minimise waste and seeks to reuse waste in a way that can lessen the use of raw materials.

This is exactly what we do here at Eagles Rest! We make a conscientious choice in packaging to have earth friendly packaging. Our products are made from the "waste" of other products, ie glass bottles. We repurpose them into usable, new products.

I'm thrilled to be on the front lines of this new economy in New Zealand. And I'm even more excited that it is an economy and mental shift that is taking hold across Europe, the U.K., Australia and China! Large and small businesses are making changes to reposition themselves into a circular economy.

Please feel free to read the linked article which explains the circular economy in greater detail.


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