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About us

It's ok to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things. 

At Eagles Rest, we all come to work everyday to make a difference.  We are professional upcyclers who create useful, practical and functional products from recycled materials. 

While it was hard to imagine as we stood amid piles of shattered glass, our products are now at the forefront of cutting edge practical upcycling.   Our research and development team have put countless hours into creating artful products that you'll love and enjoy every day.    Our products are so innovative, you won't find them anywhere else.  Take for example the GroBot, a self watering planter made from recycled glass bottles which uses a watering system made from melted down plastic bottles.  Or the BinTowa which is the only wheelie bin towing system that doesn't need a towbar on your car.  

While eye-catching and visually pleasing, our products are useful and have been designed to serve a purpose that goes well beyond decoration.  Please browse our products and contact us for any further information, we'd love to hear from you. 



"Fantastic products and service. Highly highly recommend." - Heather W.

Photo courtesy of Junction Magazine