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When life is so busy the GroBot goes dry!

Posted by Eagles Rest on

The GroBot is an amazing self-watering planter!  But what happens when life gets so busy and  the Grobot runs dry?

Incredibly, in many cases, the plants can be saved!  This is due to the unique wicking system.  The plant can immediately drink up that which it needs and get back to steady water availability.  This lessens the dry shock and eliminates the overwatering pitch. 

However, there is a small trick to expedite this and ensure the plant gets back to that steady water availability as soon as possible. 

If the GroBot base runs out of water and the wick has gone dry…

  1. Gently pour small amounts of water onto the soil.  This re-hydrates the soil to allow for the capillary action of the wick to kick in more quickly.  You will notice the water runs through the soil and down the wick.  That is ok.  It will moisten the soil.  No need to over water the soil.  It just needs to be moist to more quickly initiate the capillary action of the wick in bringing the needed amount of water to the plant. 
  2. Fill the GroBot base as usual, 2/3 full.
  3. Let your plant resume its self-watering from the GroBot.

You may find you need to put more water in the base sooner than usual after a full dry out.  This is because the plant tends to drink more initially but will level out again to its usual water uptake. 

Enjoy successfully growing your plants in a GroBot, no matter how busy life gets!

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