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Plastic Free July

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Plastic Free July is just over halfway done. So I thought it would be a good time to do a bit of an assessment on how I'm doing in my efforts to change me and my family's plastic ways.

The big attention getter in this effort is always to avoid using plastic bags. This is something that, as a family, we have been trying to practice for some time now so it's pretty much habit. Every trip to the grocery store we have our arms loaded with reusable bags for the shop, but also brown paper bags for the fruits/veg/bulk food items.

One thing we missed when we pulled plastic bags from our lifestyle was using them as bin liners. However, we have found a simple solution. We purchase biodegradable bin bags from FriendlyPak (

Our main focus this Plastic Free July has been to buy products packaged in glass rather than plastic. What we've learned is that glass can be recycled endlessly! It never needs virgin materials. Unlike plastic which can only be recycled, at best, three times; but with each time needing more virgin materials as it degrades in quality. Keep in mind plastic NEVER breaks down or goes away. Glass, on the other hand, will eventually return to sand (they estimate 4,000 years).

Our other focus has been to buy products packaged in cardboard/paper. There's a fantastic Eco-friendly laundry detergent ( which comes in a box and even has a cardboard scoop... NO PLASTIC!

I have been fooled by cardboard packaging. I chose to buy a cardboard box of dishwasher tabs. I was very pleased with my earth friendly choice until I got home and opened the box. Thirty individually wrapped in plastic tabs!!! Granted, the box is halfway there. It's better than the thirty individually plastic wrapped tabs in a plastic bag. But seriously, we are trying to be "entirely there" in this effort. That's what I loved about the laundry detergent ... even the measuring scoop was cardboard. They didn't cut corners on their eco-friendly job.

All-in-all, this Plastic Free July has been a wonderful month for awareness and trying to create better consumer habits.

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