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GroBot Supersized

Posted by Eagles Rest on

Everybody loves the GroBot™! It's fully sustainable; re-purposing a glass bottle into an incredible, self-watering, indoor planter. Plus the wick used is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

Plants in a GroBot last at least four times their usual life expectancy in a planter. The unique wicking system allows plants to manage the water intake thats needed. The GroBot gives each of us a tint of green in our thumb.

With the incredible success of the GroBot, it came as no surprise for someone to want more. A customer came to us with a huge glass bottle and asked if we could make it into a GroBot. This was a tricky challenge for the workshop crew; first to make a calculated and clean cut on glass whose temperament we don't know. Secondly, to be measured on the wick so it stayed true to GroBot standards- only drawing up the amount of water the plant needs (not flooding it nor drying it out).

Again, Eagles Rest created GroBot success- super sized! The customer claims she will no longer give it as a gift; she loves her unique jumbo GroBot™ too much.

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