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The humble Bin Towa

Posted by Eagles Rest on

I love how necessity and creativity drive innovation. This was demonstrated (and the process enjoyed!) in the making of the Bin Towa.

We live rurally on a long, pot-hole laden, gravel road. When the local council issued new, big wheelie bins to replace the small blue crates; we were perplexed, to say the least. How were we going to get that big Bin down the lane? Necessity loomed over us and kick started our creativity.

We wanted to obviously get the bin to the council's pick up location, but we realised we also wanted more... Nothing that would make the car messy/smelly, break our arms or back, could be used with or without a tow bar, durable to deal with the terrain and weather, keep contents within and not strewn over the country side, and something that was confined- not huge and bulky (the bin offered enough of that).

What started in conversation soon went to drawings and then prototypes... Many, many prototypes. Eventually, Eagles Rest perfected angles and created an amazingly simple, yet extremely effective product; meeting ALL of our requirements in our brief.

Recently, as Auckland Council rolled out their change of bins, rate payers found help from the Bin Towa. Rotarua Council is currently doing their Bin roll out. The word about the helpful Bin Towa has gotten to their rate payers too. The Bin Towa has even found its way overseas!

Customers rave at how helpful this little product, born from necessity, is- we love it!

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