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Most people in Auckland, New Zealand enjoy their fresh strawberries at Christmas time; I'm enjoying my harvest already in August! It never stops amazing me how wonderfully the GroBot works!

We were planting our strawberries out in the garden and I thought to take one and put it in a large, red GroBot on our kitchen windowsill. It was really a "why not? In theory it should work" effort. (It certainly did work!) By the end of August the GroBot plant was ready to begin harvesting beautiful red berries, while the garden plants were only just getting a few flowers. Incredible. Succulent, sweet, organic strawberries at my fingertips in the kitchen and no bugs nor birds hampering the harvest!

Such success was so easy. We planted the strawberry into the large GroBot and put a small amount of strawberry food on the soil. Then we used a small, soft paint brush to pollinate the flowers. Once a week we filled the GroBot base with fresh water. That's it. Such a sweet reward for such a minimalist gardening effort!

What else can we grow in the self- watering indoor micro garden? Cherry tomatoes? "Why not?"

Please contact us at Eagles Rest to get started with your indoor microgarden of herbs, strawberries and all sorts!

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