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Bin Towa Twin Pack

  • $45.00
  • Save $5

 The Bin Towa now has it's own website!

Get 2 Bin Towas with the Bin Towa 2 Pack...  

Reasons why:

  • Save 5 bucks
  • If you have a recycle bin and a rubbish bin... tow them both at the same time!
  • Give one to a friend or family member and make their day



"My husband bought one this morning and it works a treat!"  -  Michelle S.

"These are awesome, it easily managed our full wheelie bin."  - David W.

"Very sturdy, easy to use and fantastic design.  Made recycling fun and something the whole family was involved and interested in doing.  Thanks Eagles Rest, you're the best."    - Jared S.


Tow your wheelie bin easily behind the car, van, ute, quad, ride-on etc...  No tow ball hitch is needed.

Engineered to tow your wheelie bins safely behind your vehicle, up to 10kph, and it holds the lid securely closed too.  Great for steep driveways, long driveways and towing over gravel and sand.

This product ships for free.

One of our customers sent us this video of how they use the Bin Towa Twin Pack to get both their bins down the drive at the same time!  Rubbish day is a dream.

Please watch our other demonstration video:   

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