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Affiliate Program FAQs

1. What is the Eagles Rest affiliate program?

The affiliate program rewards you for directing new customers to the Eagles Rest website, when they follow through and make a purchase.

2. How do I join the Eagles Rest affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is managed by Affiliately, one of the best affiliate management programs available.  Once you have been approved as an Eagles Rest affiliate, you will be given a free Affiliately account along with instructions on how to log in and get your unique link.

3. How does it work?

You promote Eagles Rest products (using your unique affiliate link) on banners, websites, blogs, social media, email, word of mouth etc.    When a customer clicks on your affiliate link they are tagged with a cookie on their computer identifying them as your customer.  You then receive a 15% commission on all items purchased by that customer on the Eagles Rest online store.

4. How long does my affiliate cookie stay on my customer's computer?

30 Days.  Meaning, if one of your referred customer's returns to make a purchase (or more purchases) during the 30 days following clicking on your referral link, you get 15% commission on all purchases in those 30 days. It works even if that customer goes directly to (without clicking on your referral link a second time).   This accounts for the fact that most online purchases are completed after 2 or 3 visits to the site.

5.  Are cookies bad?

Not at all.  Every website uses cookies to enhance the user experience. With that said, you may want to consider being open with your prospects and telling them that you use affiliate links as way to make extra money online.

6. If I promote one product (say, the GroBot) and someone I refer purchases a different product (like a BinTowa)... do I still get paid?

YES!    You get paid for ANY product purchased by that customer for the following 30 days.

7. Does it cost me anything to become an Eagles Rest affiliate?

No, it's absolutely free and you can be up and running in minutes.

8. Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

No.   You get paid 15% for all purchases made by customers you refer for the full 30 days.  You can potentially make a lot of money as an affiliate, how much is up to you.  The more customers you refer, the more you earn.

9.  How do I get paid?

As we have affiliates all over the world, we use the universally accepted payment system PayPal to distribute payments to our affiliates.

10.  How can I trust that I'm being paid fairly for all my customer's purchases?

We use a 3rd party affiliate management company to manage our affiliate program.   When you log in to your affiliate account, you are logging into their system, not ours.   Your personal affiliate dashboard is updated in real-time using up to the minute sales data from   

11.  If I have multiple websites/blogs do I need to apply for each one?

No.  You can manage multiple marketing channels under one affiliate account.

12.  Can I sign up retail (brick and mortar) stores using my affiliate account, and receive 15% of everything they order?

Yes and No, it works a bit differently.  We refer to partners who sign up retail outlets as "Sales Associates", not affiliates.   Retail outlets sign up as "stockists" and receive our wholesale price list for ordering, via a different method.  If you do sign up retail outlets as Eagles Rest stockists, we will pay you 15% of all their wholesale orders for as long as you remain an active sales associate.    This is a fantastic way to create a residual income for yourself, and supplements your affiliate income so you earn even more!

13.  Can I be an Eagles Rest affiliate AND a sales associate?

Yes.   Please make mention of the fact you'd also like to be a sale associate in the comments section of your application form, or contact us directly to discuss.  There is a different set of criteria to be accepted as a sales associate, someone will call you to have a chat about it.

14.  Can I be just an Eagles Rest sales associate?

Yes.  This is a great opportunity if you don't have a large online network or website/blog.   We're on the hunt for good people to represent us all over the world, please contact us if you're interested.

 If you have a question we haven't answered, please use this form to send a message to our affiliate team: