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GroBot™ - Small

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This is the original self-watering hydroponic GroBot™ system!   Made from 500ml glass mineral water bottles, don't let the small size put you off.  Thanks to the unique hydroponic system you can still grow a full size plant in this little wonder.  

The wicking system allows the plant to draw up the water it needs and keeps the plant perfectly healthy, without any chemical additives or sprays.

All GroBots are made from 100% upcycled glass, at the end of the growing season you just rinse them out and replant. Additionally, the self watering hydroponic system is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!  Approximately 1 plastic bottle is kept out of the landfill for every GroBot™ sold.  Amazing.

All painted glass GroBots have a viewing window so you can still check the water level.

Save 70% more water and grow plants up to 50% faster!

If you choose to grow herbs from one of our kits, harvest your herbs at the moment you're going to eat them!  No pesticides, herbicides, GMO or preservatives.

Impress your friends, bring fresh herbs to the dinner table for the best tasting plants and drinks with herbs grown by yourself.

You do not have to use our kits.... the GroBot™ makes a perfect planter for any indoor plant to compliment your décor and bring some outdoors, indoors!   Every plant growing in a GroBot™ saves 100g of CO2 per month.  

"Few things will step up your cooking quite like always having fresh herbs to hand.  The effect this has on cooking can be huge; before you know it, you'll find yourself experimenting with flavours with increasing success" - Jamie Oliver

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